The 2020 Taycan Porsche is revolutionary in multiple respects. This vehicle pushes the boundaries of what a Porsche can be, but it also pushes the boundaries of what an electric vehicle can be as well. With a superior motor under the hood, and plenty of power availability supplied by an oversized battery, the Taycan is a pioneer in automotive performance. To learn more continue reading.

Power, Style and Efficiency

One of the most striking features of the brand-new Porsche Taycan is its power output. A lack of power won't be a problem for you while coasting down the road in one of these models, because they come with up to 560kW of power output that translates into a whopping 750 total horsepower. As you might imagine, such an amount of horsepower provides an astounding quantity of energy for acceleration that will outperform just about everything else on the road.

With the ability to go from a complete standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 2.6 seconds, the Porsche Taycan provides an exhilarating experience that has to be witnessed firsthand to truly understand just how quick this vehicle really can be.


There are three phases to the acceleration too, so that you may enjoy heart-pounding acceleration all the way through an entire quarter mile. The Taycan also offers a top speed that exceeds 150 miles per hour to give you far more power than you will ever need. In fact, there are many elements in this outstanding vehicle that have been directly inspired by cars which are capable of performing on the racetrack just as well as on the open road.

For instance, the ceramic brakes are race inspired to offer responsive braking under all conditions. Even so, you just might discover that the braking system used in the Taycan is far more exceptional than its competitors since these brakes are only used ten percent of the time. That's because the rest of the braking power is afforded by an extremely sophisticated technology that rejuvenates the battery over time.


In fact, up to 30% of the total battery output can be provided by braking alone during everyday driving to greatly extend your drive time while on the road. Every time you hit the brake in a revolutionary Taycan, the battery is replenished by the natural G-Forces generated by the excessively powerful engine. What this means for you is that you will spend less time charging and more time driving.

Porsche didn't stop there when trying to create the absolute pinnacle of modern electric vehicles though. To further promote the excellence of the Taycan, the team at Porsche included an 800-volt architecture that's capable of being charged at up to 270kW. Simply put, this means you can add an extra 60 miles of charge to your battery in just five minutes under optimal conditions. Even 70% of the battery may be replenished in just about 45 minutes to provide you with more than enough power to reach any destination without wasting undue time at charging stations each day.

We offer three different kinds of Taycans to choose from here at Hennessy Porsche to suit any budget too. Drivers in Roswell GA looking to save some money should spring for the Taycan 4S. With Overboost power and Launch Control built right into even the cheapest of models, you surely won't regret shoveling out a bit extra for one of these high-end electric vehicles.

Of course, drivers in Roswell GA looking for the ultimate performance vehicle should check out the Taycan Turbo that offers 500kW of power, or perhaps even the more powerful Taycan Turbo S which affords 560kW of power. These two high-performance machines come with a drivetrain that's fueled by two very powerful magnetic motors attached to the front and rear axles.

The result is a driving experience that's fine-tuned by sophisticated AWD which will keep your wheels moving at a pace like you've never experienced before.

Anyone who is searching for the ultimate in responsiveness and power should keep in mind that this incredible feat of engineering will deliver a level of performance that's fully capable of satisfying even the most discerning of car enthusiasts.



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