For more than five decades, Porsche has delivered a heart-stopping model that sportscar enthusiasts everywhere have loved and gravitated towards. The Porsche 911, available as either a coupe or a convertible, debuted in 1964, and it's long been a favorite of our customers here at Hennessy Porsche North Atlanta.

Currently in its 8th generation, the Porsche 911 is the car for drivers who value quality, performance, and topnotch features. In addition to giving you a choice of styles, this four-passenger model also has a variety of trim, engine, and transmission options to choose from.

Regardless of which configuration you fall for, however, every model in the 911 family delivers. Turn heads everywhere you go in recognizable Porsche fashion, and enjoy the stares as you pass by.

While the new Porsche 911 has a lot to offer, it's also a compact car, which means if your lifestyle and daily drives require a little more space for cargo and passengers, you may want to consider one of our other incredible models. Curious how the 911 stands up within the Porsche lineup? Here are a few details to pique your curiosity:

  • The Porsche 911 is the smallest car in the collection. As such, it has the smallest amount of cargo room, with around 5 cubic feet of space available, compared to the average 17 cubic feet of some other models in the lineup.
  • The Porsche 911 is renowned for its sleek and sporty profile, and its 51-inch height is a big part of the appeal. The nearest car in height to the 911 is the Porsche Taycan, the latest car to join to lineup with around 54 inches of height.

Whether you're new to the Porsche lineup or you're a longtime fan, the 911 is a car you've undoubtedly seen and coveted before. Get behind the wheel of your favorite sportscar soon by visiting us in person at our Roswell, GA dealership.

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