If you could only have one vehicle for the rest of your life, what would it be? You would want something that performs like a pro on the highway. You would also want a vehicle that is luxurious and great looking. However, you would also want that vehicle to be practical with lots of space for passengers and cargo. Well, it looks like Porsche does have that "perfect one car" with the incredible Panamera luxury, performance sedan.

Four Doors and Incredible Power

When the Porsche Panamera debuted in 2009, many people could not believe their eyes. The fact that Porsche had built a four-door sedan was something unheard of. Yes, there were some Porsche purists who thought that a four-door Porsche could not keep up with the likes of the 911. However, those concerns were cast aside when the first reviews of the Panamera came in. The first Panamera was the real deal. Today, the Panamera is better than ever with more horsepower, more technology, more luxury and more style.

Space That Surprises

The thing that really makes the Panamera unique is its ability to combine real Porsche performance with practical space. As a four-door, you can comfortably seat up to four people as well as their cargo or luggage. The Panamera is the ideal touring vehicle that is perfect for interstate adventures. The Panamera hides its size well, though, when it comes to handling curves and turns. It truly is one unique vehicle.

Luxury That Stands Out

When it comes to luxury, the Panamera does not disappoint. This Porsche performance sedan can be outfitted with an almost endless combination of leathers, inlays and other unique design elements. You can have a hard time finding two Panamera sedans that are the same. With the Panamera, you can have an individualized luxury vehicle that's in a class of its own.

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