"Personalize My Purchase" is an uninterrupted & transparent path to purchase your first or your next Porsche.  This is a seamless online research & purchase process created to allow you to control all aspects of your deal making experience.  Please find a step-by-step guide below to aide in your journey.

Step 1:    Choose Your Vehicle
Review our tremendous selection of New & Pre-Owned inventory to find your next vehicle.

Step 2:    Calculate Your Payment
The first thing you'll do when you engage in the online pre-purchase process is calculate a payment that makes the most sense for you.  The "My Asking Price" section is open to input your fair offer and see what impact that has on your monthly payment.  


Step 3: Value Your Trade-In

Another step in the pre-purchase process is assessing the value of your existing vehicle. Valuing your trade-in &applying it to your purchase provides even greater savings. Our state-of-the-art online appraisal tool is provided by Kelly Blue Book, the most highly regarded & reputable source with respect to trade-in values.


Step 4: Apply for Financing

One you've determined a comfortable payment, money down & the value of your trade-in, the next step is getting the financing needed to make it all happen. Our long-term relationships with banks & lenders around Georgia have made Hennessy Porsche uniquely positioned to offer our customers the most competitive rates you'll find anywhere.


Step 5: Submit Your Offer

We want all our customers to take advantage of the convenience of the "Personalize My Purchase" program to eliminate the many headaches & long waits that can come from being at the dealership. This is an incredibly streamlined process that works out well for both our customers & Hennessy Porsche.  We're confident that you'll be delighted by this entire experience.