Loyalty & Conquest Programs


Loyalty Savings Up To $30,000 For Returning Porsche Clients:

For existing clients who currently have a Porsche Financial Services Lease contract, here are some of your rewards if you lease or finance a New 2019 911/Panamera/Cayenne E-Hybrid or 2020 911/Cayenne/Panamera/Macan/Taycan now:

Model YearModelPayments WaivedMaximum Payment
ALL MY'sAll ModelsUp To 3 Months$2,500
MY 18911, Panamera, & Macan ModelsUp to 6 Months$2,500
MY 18Mid-Engine and Cayenne ModelsUp to 12 Months$2,500
MY 17Mid-Engine, 911 models, & PanameraUp to 6 Months$2,500
MY 17Macan and CayenneUp to 12 Months$2,500
MY 16All ModelsUp to 12 Months$2,500

*Existing lease must be contract term of 24 months or greater. Maximum payment waiver of $2,500 per month.

Conquest Savings Up To $4,500 For New Porsche Customers:

For clients who have an existing lease contract with a competitive brand:

Lease or Finance a 2019 Panamera through Porsche Financial Services and you are eligible to receive a “Welcome to Porsche” credit. The amount of your credit is equal to your existing competitive lease payment not to exceed $1,500. A maximum of three (3) payments can be credited to you not to exceed $4,500 in total.

*Existing competitive lease must mature within 180 days of your new Porsche lease contract date or proof that the competitive lease payoff must be remitted by Porsche dealer. Please note, it is not necessary to trade your existing lease to take advantage of this reward.

Please contact us today to verify your account eligibility and discuss the full benefits these programs have to offer.